Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lynne's Healthcare Adventure – Part IV

July 22 - “To Normal, and Beyond!”

Dear Family,

It's been three weeks since my last report, and in that time Lynne has made an almost ridiculous amount of progress.

• She has taken to walking downstairs without using the railing.

• For her birthday last Saturday, we went to brunch, shopping, and a movie. There was more walking involved than we had planned, and she did it all with a cane, the occasional hand on my shoulder, and glee.

• On Tuesday, her physical therapy team cleared her to walk on her own anywhere, without benefit of cane or walker. They encouraged her to go out to public places, like groceries stores, and navigate with no help. 

Lynne and I were alone in the kitchen on Tuesday evening when she told me she wanted to see if she could dance, given the regenerating nerves in her right foot. I tuned the radio to a music station and we “gave it a whirl.” I'm happy to report that she not only dances, she leads! We're scheduled to attend a party this Saturday night, and Lynne is looking forward to making me jealous by dancing with every man who asks her (and many will).

I'm looking forward to it, too.

Love to you all,


Hello folks, we're back in present time:

That was the last installment of the update emails I wrote to my family while Lynne was recovering from her surgery. As happily as the story ends, things have gotten even better since then. 

Last winter, one of the things that Lynne had had to give up was Bikram yoga, because the cyst was causing her too much pain. This past Sunday, she went to her first Bikram class since the surgery, and she experienced no pain at all. She had a great class and even felt good the next day.

Tuesday was Lynne’s final physical therapy session, and the PT gave her some really challenging exercises to do from here on out. She is running around "normally," and she's feeling increasing sensation in her right foot as the weeks go by. She is very happy her body feels as good as it does, and is enjoying the challenges of living a life worth living.  Bring 'em on!

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards,

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