Saturday, April 19, 2014

"I’ve Got Your Back"

Dear Readers,

Lynne has been on jury duty for the past couple of weeks.  While she is quite proud of herself for doing her civic duty, the commute and the courtroom environment take their toll.  On Wednesday, she was on her way home, dreaming of homemade egg salad.  “The problem,” she thought to herself, “is that I’m too tired and too hungry to wait the 15 minutes for the eggs to boil.”  Inspiration!  She called the house phone number, and David answered.  Lynne asked him if he would put three eggs on to boil, then turn off the burner and cover them.  This he did and, when Lynne got home, all she had to do was peel the eggs and make egg salad.  By this time, Nicole and several others were in the kitchen and heard Lynne thanking David profusely (between bites, of course) for helping her out like that.  It had made a big difference in the comfort of her day.

The next evening, around 7:30, Nicole sent an email to the house list.  She had been doing a FoodMore, followed by helping Marilyn with some stuff, followed by hiking in the hills with the dogs that live in the house.  An extremely gratifying and nonetheless long day.  Possibly inspired by Lynne’s experience from the day before, she asked in her email if anyone in the house could put on some rice for her and cook her some stir-fry so she could simply sit down to dinner when she got home.  David enthusiastically volunteered to make the rice, but said he would need instructions regarding how to do it.  This attitude galvanized others.  Rebecca asked Rocco if he, being an old hand it, would make the rice.  Lynne, who had just arrived in the kitchen, heard what was going on and starting pulling veggies out of the fridge to make the stir-fry.  Rebecca volunteered to wash and cut the kale.  Lynne made a delicious stir-fry, and Nicole was very, very happy when she got home.

I was just so delighted by these tales of teamwork that I had to let y’all know about them.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,

“If there is an absolute truth of any kind, it is that all of life is love. And you're either happy or unhappy depending on how well you can handle loving and being loved. That's the only absolute that we know.”
-- Vic Baranco