Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hilarious Horror

Dear Friends,

Saturday night: Halloween party at the Oakland Morehouse. The theme: Hilarious Horror. I was expecting it to be fun. It was fun all right. In fact, it was awesome.

The guests weren't waiting for us to entertain them. They arrived ready to party. Lots of them were wearing great, fun, creative costumes. And everyone was there to get with each other. Everywhere I looked, people were intent on engaging and having fun and laughing with whomever they were talking to. There was food and drink aplenty.

The band was so good that everyone in the room was dancing, whether they were with a partner or just standing watching the musicians. T
he band members had come in costume, too, to be part of the spirit of the evening. When they took a break between sets, it turned out they were really nice guys too, and we all had mucho fun chatting them up.

In the back yard, Shawn had set up a movie screen and was showing two hours
of horror clips he had spent weeks compiling from 22 different movies. Some folks would just watch, while others would guess the title of each movie as it went by. Shawn would be standing off to the side, ready to confirm or correct.

The event culminated with a costume contest. We passed out ballots and everyone cast one vote each for funniest and scariest costume. Annetta won Funniest (Nagging Housewife), and Ian the bass player won Scariest (Jack Skellington). I was particularly tickled that one of the musicians won.

'Nuff said. Photos below.

Thanks for reading.


One's self is only fulfilled in the state of being intensely interested.

Vic Baranco


Annetta (Nagging Housewife)

Ian the Bass Player.JPG
Ian (Jack Skellington)

Jill, Jeff.jpg
Jill (Batwoman) & Jeff (Jimi Hendrix/Jimmy Page)

Sierra as Witch.jpg
Sierra (Witch/Warlock)

Lynne Full Length.JPG

Lynne (Robert Palmer Girl)

Lynne and Nicole, Robert Palmer girls.JPG
Lynne & Nicole (Robert Palmer Girls)

Evelyn (Gypsy Pirate)

Brianna (Black Swan)

Mary, Gerry.JPG
Mary (Charlie Chaplin), Gerry (The Butler)

Jess, Liv.jpg
Jess (The Devil), Liv (The Mad Hatter)

Liz (Cleopatra)

Raven, Michale.jpg
Michael (Edgar Allan Poe)

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